Motion designers and digital out of home specialists will give you a special glimpse into their worlds. Interested to hear about how to integrate artificial intelligence in design, or what inspires them. Be sure to reserve a ticket and be present 10 minutes before a talk or tour starts at the DEMO info point in the Amstelpassage.



Royal Waiting Room: The talks take place in the monumental Royal Waiting Room area at the train station. Limited space is available and entrance with ticket only. You must be present minimum 10 minutes before the start of the talk at the DEMO info point in the Amstelpassage. From there we’ll walk under guidance to the Royal Waiting Room.

12:00 – Liza Enebeis
Liza Enebeis

How DEMO came to life: Liza Enebeis is creative director of Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) and co-initiator of DEMO. She will take you through the journey on how and why DEMO came to life. From the urge to give a platform to motion on 80 screens in the midst of the most public location in the Netherlands. She will share with you the highlights and hidden gems of the motion that is screened in the exhibition.

13:00 – Jurriaan Hos
Jurriaan Hos

I like to move it: Jurriaan Hos is a motion designer, visual artist, director & collaborator. Graduated in 2005 Jurriaan worked at several Dutch studios before going independent in 2012. Jurriaan worked for a variety of clients including Apple, Nike, Pepsi and Shiseido. In the Netherlands he is mostly known for his work for Lowlands for which he won a Dutch Design Award. Jurriaan loves clients who dare to make an impression and fondly collaborates with other amazing artists to bring their worlds to life.

Curious about Jurriaan's creative process, his findings and his collaborations with Merijn Hos and Hansje van Halem? Don't miss this presentation.

14:00 – Xavier Monney
Xavier Monney

3D motion typography: Xavier Monney is a 25-year old designer from Lausanne, Switzerland, whose work ranges from print and typography to motion design and kinetic identity. Xavier combines animation and typography to create three dimensional experiments, often incorporating some form of optical illusion. Explore the possibilities of animation and typography during Xavier's presentation.

15:00 – Vera van de Seyp
Vera van de Seyp

Code in motion: Vera van de Seyp is a designer and creative coder with an interest in typography, languages and artificial intelligence. She develops collaborative projects, participates in various creative coding networks, and teaches at ArtEZ. She is interested in creating her own digital tools and exploring new technologies.

This presentation is about how to create design in motion using various aspects of code such as algorithms, machine learning applications or even a simple set of rules and she provides resources to create tools of your own.

16:00 – Guy & Oskar
Guy & Oskar

Crafting Two-Way Conversations with Digital OOH (out of home): As a creative strategist at Kinetic Worldwide, a (D)OOH specialist agency, Oskar op de Beke helps clients explore all the creative possibilities that (D)OOH has to offer. Guy Grimmelt worked for more than 7 years in OOH and DOOH. Before that, he was active in Online and E-commerce businesses. He is currently chairman of the IAB DOOH taskforce.

How can brands and publishers turn digital OOH into a medium that contributes positively to public spaces through audience collaboration, interaction and simple listening? Find out during Oskar and Guy's presentation.


Guided Tours by Studio Dumbar

Guided Tours by Studio Dumbar:
During these tours, designers of Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) will tell you more about design in motion. You will be guided throughout Amsterdam Central Station and shown highlights of the exhibition.

The starting point is the DEMO info point located in the Amstelpassage. Guided tours will start every half-hour, between 11:30 and 17:00 and take approximately forty minutes. Tours are free and are available in English, Dutch, and Spanish. Be sure you reserve a ticket for a guided tour.

Map Central Station