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DEMO Festival – 24hrs – 80 Screens – Amsterdam central station – 7th of november 2019

80 Screens – 24 Hours
Amsterdam Central Station
7th of November 2019

A festival celebrating the finest motion from the finest studio’s, designers, upcoming talents and art academies from all around the world. Showcasing work for 24 hours on all 80 digital screens located in Amsterdam Central train station.

What’s on: On every platform and hall of Amsterdam Central Station, you will find digital screens showing motion design in all its form and glory. The works are curated by DEMO’s curatorial team, Liza Enebeis, creative director Studio Dumbar, Koos Breen, interdisciplinary designer and Xavier Monney, graphic and motion designer bringing you a programme that changes every hour that creates a whole new motion experience.

Why: It’s time to give motion design a platform – and in this case 80 screens. DEMO is here to intrigue, inspire and create a lasting experience. Offering a break from commercial messages for 24 hours and transforming a central hub into a gallery, giving a smile to everyone.

How it started: DEMO is founded by Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) and Exterion Media Netherlands. On a dark stormy night, after endlessly scrolling on our Instagram accounts, we dreamt of all the beautiful motion we had seen. And we kept dreaming what if we could show all this great work on 100’s of giant screens? Not just for our fellow designers but to everyone!

And it was meant to be… ADCN Club for Creativity was the matchmaker bringing Studio Dumbar and Exterion Media NL together.