Koos Breen

Koos Breen fluently shifts between being an art director, designer, and artist: continuously expanding his expertise and interests. He produces work in graphics, objects, spatial installations and exhibitions, both by commission and autonomously. Koos is based in The Hague (NL).

Connor Campbell

Connor Campbell is an experimental motion generalist based in London working across music videos, brand identity systems and kinetic typography. He is combining 2D, 3D + generative animation techniques for clients including Nike, Apple and Sundance Film Festival.

Liza Enebeis

Liza is creative director and partner at Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, an award winning international agency, specializing in visual branding and motion and co-initiator of DEMO - Design in Motion Festival. As of 2018 she has been elected member into the AGI, Alliance Graphique Internationale. In 2020 she was appointed co-Chair of the ADCN - the Advertising and Design Club of Creativity in the Netherlands. And in 2021 is part of the D&AD Board of trustees - the Design and Advertising Association in the UK.

Tim Rodenbröker

Tim Rodenbröker is a creative coder, educator and community builder from Germany. He specifically focuses on teaching fundamentals in creative coding and empowering young creatives for a critical and reflective perspective to everyday technologies. Since 2019, he is building an online-learning platform for creative computation. As a designer, he has worked for nytimes.com, Julia Stoschek Collection, CCCB Barcelona, ZKM Karlsruhe, Bauhaus Agenten, TwoPoints.Net, Onformative, and Holo Magazine.


YONK is a 3D animation studio based in The Hague (NL) formed of artists Niels van der Donk and Vikki Young. The studio specialises in using Virtual Reality to sculpt maximalist and whimsical characters which are featured in animations, advertising and identities.